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Come inside and discover Virtua Mall's independent artist's new music videos, virtual hologram performances, and so much more at! 


Welcome to Virtua Mall

Virtua Mall is a retro style video game that takes place on a fantasy island.  Players can virtually experience new music from independent artists in the mall's movie theater, watch a hologram performance in the concert room, and more! Go inside the retro futuristic mall, and discover your new favorite independent artist!  

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Watch music videos

Virtua Mall's movie theater grants you access to independent artists music videos.Press play to discover underground visuals, and sounds.   

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experience live

hologram concerts

Club Hypno teleports artists to the club's concert room!

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Buy new music 

Virtua Mall's Kiosk gives you easy access to purchase merchandise from  featured artists. At the click of a button you can show your support!

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